Getting the Perfect Custom Suit

Although there are many websites that offer custom men’s suits, the idea that a custom suit can be created with measurements entered into a blank order form is quite a stretch. Unless a professional tailor is taking measurements in person, the suit will not be truly custom. Ordering a suit online has the potential to be a disaster. Many men receive orders and have to pay a local tailor to complete alterations for a perfect fit.

The Whole Experience

Getting a suit made from scratch is an entire experience that reflects individual sense of style and preference. Some men prefer a snug fit while others appreciate a little room to breathe. The designer gets to know what each client desires during the initial consultation. That style component is the basis for the final design of the shirt, suit, jacket or shoes that will be custom made.

Selection assistance is also a key element to picking out the fabric, cut, style, and color of the finished garment(s). Pinstripes, a solid color, or a wild pattern will appeal to individuals. Viewing samples of available fabric, feeling different lining material options, and discussing the lapel width helps men discover their own sense of fashion and how they want to present themselves to the world. Those aspects are not developed by settling for an off the rack shirt or suit.

What to Expect

Men having their first custom clothing created can expect the process to consist of three steps. The first is the consultation with the designer. This step will last anywhere from an hour to two hours because no client is rushed through the process. A consultation can be conducted at a showroom studio, at home, or at work at the convenience of the client. That can be arranged online at

There are other companies that can customize clothing, but some benefits are found only at Showroom locations are in eight major cities throughout the country, such as New York City, Denver, and Portland. Appointments are available at any time including weekends and evenings. An exclusive “Perfect Fit” guarantee includes free alterations and an easy refund policy on all clothing that does not meet with client satisfaction.

A Final Fitting

Once the clothing is finished, clients participate in a final fitting session. This ensures the clothing fits perfectly. Any minor alterations are completed and the client leaves with the ideal garment. The third step is a follow up call or visit to make sure the client is totally satisfied with the look and feel of the clothing.


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